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Manufactured Citizens Inc.
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This is a community for, but not exclusive to those who love industrial music.

If you've got a project feel free to promote it and link to a website where mp3s may be downloaded if you are an otherwise regular poster and you follow the rules below.

1) You may promote your site and project in a single post no more than once a week for one month, and twice per month for every following month.
2) You use the lj cut when using any pictures of flyers, yourself, or whatever else over 300x500.
3) You do not 'bash' any other projects being promoted or any other members.

If you do not follow the above rules your promotions are subject to, and will most likely be deleted.

When you join, please introduce yourself, (what you listen to, your style, why you joined, any questions you have, any advice, etc.) and after joining please try to post at least once each week whether it's just to tell us of an upcoming show in a related genre (please be sure to include the city, state, venue, and price or as much of this information as you have)

As a general rule, please try to be courteous of the other members.

If anyone has anything that they would like added to the community interest list, or has any other advice or questions, please e-mail me with them and I will get back to you as soon as possible.