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more Ebay stuff

So I'm trying to see if I can generate more funds so I can get a couple new synths...come on people...Daddy needs a Virus KC and Kurzweil K2600...hee hee...

Ok so I have some music stuff that I would be willing to sell if the price is high enough so don't fuckin waste my time with stupid quotes...

:wumpscut: embryodead metal box set, FACTORY SEALED. Everything in the box is still sealed as the day it was made. The cd's were played once to burn them and then never touched again,comes with like four stickers, a pin, a shirt, a poster, a two cd's Embryodead and Music for a German Tribe in this funky coragated cardboard box with full artwork and lyrics and I believe that's all that comes with it ITEM IS MINT

Aqui y Ahora en el silencio box set- played once to record then never touch MINT
Signos de Aberricion box set- this set has everything except the shirt, I never got one for some reason and I would even be willing to let go of the keychain which is probably the most bad ass part of the set.

Black Bible 4 cd box set--the set is almost mint, I've had the set forever and so the cd's have the normal amount of use on them, that does NOT mean they're scratched to high fuck, normal scuffs and what not but nothing that hinders the play. The corners of the box are scuffed but I'd say Near Mint

Skinny Puppy 12" vinyl-These first two are my babies so don't think of offering anything less then $50 a piece
Remission--some ring wear and slight water damage BUT it's AUTOGRAPHED BY Oghr, Cevin Key and Dwayne R Gottelle
Cleanse Fold and Manipulate--some ring wear but also signed by Oghr, Cevin, and Dwayne
Tormentor-blue vinyl Near Mint
Testure--red vinyl
Rabies Sealed Mint
2 copies of Too Dark Park MINT
2 Copies of Stairs and Flowers
2 copies of Intolerance on cd
1 has the metal SP stamped plate on the cover and is #825/1999
1 is minus the metal plate but is # 5 out of 1999
I have pretty much every Puppy album or single on vinyl so just ask if interested some others sealed

Front Line Assembly--
I have just about every if not every FLA album and single known to man kind with the except of the LIVE LP. All but 2 or so of the 12" vinyls are as MINT as the day they were pressed and never played and some are even still sealed.

Front 242
again, same thing as with my FLA have nearly everything of theirs on 12" vinyl some sealed stuff and some rare as hell stuff
Land of Rape and Honey 12" promo has a gold embosed logo thing stating is a promo in gold letters
Mind is a Terrible thing to Taste 12" vinyl...near MINT if not MINT
Lay Lady Lay 12" single
Burning Inside/Theives and Liars split 12" single
as well as a couple others

Opiate 12" vinyl Near Mint
Undertow--12" Sealed MINT

White Zombie--Astro Creep 2000 on GREEN 12" vinyl fucking MINT AS FUCK!!! I bought this in High School and never played it.

I have so much more that I'm not even going to attempt to list. This is a partial list to get whoever wet on the idea. let me know, I might just have it...
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